Who are The Marketing Lab?

The Marketing Lab are a premium blend of marketing technologists and geeks, who create high performing websites using the Mercury Intelligent Digital Marketing platform.

We make your digital world deliver

Because we're powered by geekology* and care passionately about what we do, we ensure your customers successfully complete their journey on the web in the most profitable way.

The Marketing Lab is 'Powered by Geekology', an 'array of geeks', led by analytical marketers who deliver powerful results for your business, using knowledge and experience. We make our clients money via the internet.

In a nutshell:

  • We build websites that deliver
  • We provide geeks for hire
  • Using our Mercury IDM platform we provide a unique combination of web technology & marketing methodology that delivers a greater return on your marketing spend

How we do it

At The Marketing Lab we follow a three stage approach to each project (though in truth each are never-ending). Discover, Develop and Deploy.

  1. Discover

    We start with the discovery phase; this is where we take time to really understand your needs and requirements, consider which technologies work best, create a detailed framework and project roadmap.

  2. Develop

    With objectives defined and the framework in place, we can begin our project: testing hypotheses and developing and deploying as an iterative process.

  3. Deploy

    Let's go. Now we can start to measure and improve. Geekology power and marketing intelligence combine to see results rocket.

Our Unique Offer:

What is Mercury Intelligent Digital Marketing?

Our unique offering is our web marketing platform:

Mercury Intelligent Digital Marketing (IDM) is a unique combination of web technology & methodology that delivers a greater return on your marketing spend.

Mercury IDM:
The Technology

Mercury IDM is a web platform that allows marketers to deliver a highly tailored website journey to customers through segmentation. As a result, the platform provides a scientific solution to guarantee conversion rate improvement through side-by-side testing within those segments.

Why Segment?

Dividing visitors into segments to provide custom visitor journeys based on demographics, sales stages, traffic source or any other appropriate criteria. This allows the marketer to break through the conversion rate “glass ceiling” of a one-size-fits-all approach by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Some people simply call this “marketing”!

Why Test?

Testing allows the marketer to measure the impact on conversion rates caused by the changes to the website. This can be anything from simply changing the colour of a button to altering the entire journey.

Why Side-by-Side Test?

By testing alternatives, side-by-side testing balances the effect of changes in the wider environment, such as interest rates or the weather, that would otherwise invalidate your test results.

Mercury IDM:
The Methodology

Mercury IDM is also a methodology (a process) that, when used iteratively, allows the marketer to consistently and repeatedly improve conversion rates on their Mercury IDM-driven web site.

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Meet the team

From MD to junior geek - everybody here plays a key role in your project.

  • Dan Otterburn Managing Director

  • Eduardo Gonzalez Marketing Tech Geek

  • Will Otterburn Senior Geek

  • Kieran Phillips Geek

  • Sam Hardacre Senior Creative Geek

  • Becca Dawson Creative Geek

  • Mary Mooney Junior Geek

  • Chris Bacon Junior Geek

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